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Small, Compact Thermostat KTO 011/KTS 011

KTO 011: Thermostat (normally closed); contact breaker for regulating heaters. KTS  011: Thermostat  (normally  open);  contact  maker  for  regulating  of  filter  fans  and  heat exchangers or for s...

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Compact High-performance Fan Heater CS 130 950W,1200w

The compact high performance fan heater prevents formation of condensation and provides an evenly distributed interior air temperature in enclosures with electric/electronic components. The plastic en...

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WSTG600 Series Single Phase Power Supply 380V 50/60Hz Frequency Inverter

Start frequency: 0.00Hz~-600.00Hz; Accel/Decel time: 0.00s-60000s; Carrier frequency:0.5KHZ-16KHZ; Frequency command modes: Digital setting +Keypad Up/Down;Digital setting+ terminal Up/Down.Communicat...

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VFD MPPT Solar Pump Inverters 0.75Kw - 7.5Kw 3 Phase DC To AC Water Pumping Inverter

SP600 Solar pump inverter transfer solar DC current to be AC to drive the water pump to work. With maximum power tracking (MPPT), light weak sleep, light intensity wake-up, protection for well lack of...

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About Us
Yueqing Winston Electric Co., Ltd.

is a high-tech enterprise which is engaged in the design, development, and production of low and high voltage electrical products.

Our core competencies are Proximity Sensor, Switching power supply, Thermostat, Heater, Frequency inverter ...

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The company's purpose of service: to provide customers with quality service, the best product quality to meet your timely needs.

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The company's products have the conditions to export to most countries, such as the "CE" certificate required by the EU system...

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Thanks to the customer's trust - Winston Speed Controller

Thanks to the customer's trust - Winston Speed Controller

I have a client in Iran. He want US...

Voucher -- Thanks For Clients

Voucher -- Thanks For Clients

This month our company launched a v...



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