Enclosure Thermostat SK3110.000

Enclosure Thermostat SK3110.000
Enclosure Thermostat SK3110.000

Assembly Instructions: 
This component must be installed by fully trained personnel only, in accordance with wiring diagram. Relevant safety regulations must be observed. These enclosure thermostats are used to control the temperature inside a closed enclosure set up in normal working areas. This unit is RFI-screened in accordance with VDE 0875 and/or EN 55 014. It is working according to procedure 1C.

Technical Details: 
Bimetallic controller as a temperature sensitive element with thermal feedback.

Approvals : 
UL and cUL listed
Dimensions: 71mm x 71mm x 33.5mm

Clip-on fastening on 35 mm support rail to EN 50 022:


Mounting should preferably be executed in the horizontal position. Whenever possible, the thermostat should be placed in the upper part of the enclosure with maximum separation from the enclosure heaters and sources of heat losses. In order to ensure a switching overlap, it is necessary to connect the installed thermal feedback. Range restriction can be made in accordance with illustration on next page.

Temperature Restriction:

American Wiring Diagram-
3110 Thermostat, wiring a filter fan or air to air heat exchanger:

3110 Thermostat, wiring a panel heater:

European Wiring Diagram:

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